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Two different clients are available for Odin and Osirisconquer
If you are playing and downloading for asia then select Odin client otherwise select the client for Osirisconquer.

Odinconquer Client

Google Drive

Osirisconquer Client

Google Drive


1. Download the client from the different sources according to which region you will be playing. Odinconquer client is for Asia region while Osirisconquer is for US and Europe region.

2. Download winrar. This will be use to extract the downloaded client.

3. Anticheat coserver.dll sometimes detected by the antivirus as false positive. This is due to the nature of this dll which monitor the host process for any cheats sorrounding the client while online. You may add the entire folder in excemption on your respective antivirus.

4. Run Start.exe in order to launch the launcher

5. Click the update from the launcher in order to identify if your client is up to date with the latest patch.

6. You may click the settings from the launcher if you want to play around with the FPS and the size of your client window.

7. Finally click Start Game in order to launch the client.